Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Calling the BCSE's Bluff

Roger Stanyard has until midnight tomorrow (the 20th of December 2006), to make up his mind about whether he's standing by his allegations of criminality. If he is, then he can look forward to explaining them to the proper authorities. He knows and I know that he doesn't have a shred of evidence - which is why, of course, like most bullies, he just makes spurious threats about calling the police instead of actually doing it.


North Walls Police Station
North Walls
SO23 8DW

(Which is a police station under 2 miles from Roger Stanyard's home).

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you about allegations of criminality being publicly made against me by Mr. Roger Stanyard, of number XX, Langton Close, Winchester, SO 22 6RJ. I have written to Mr. Stanyard, asking him to withdraw these allegations - but he has refused to do so.

Therefore, I would like to ask you to investigate these allegations speedily. They are false, Mr. Stanyard refuses to give me any evidence for them, and I desire the public slur on my character to be cleared up as quickly as possible.

The background to Mr. Stanyard's allegations are that he is the spokesman for an activist group (the "British Centre for Science Education") whose dubious credentials and fraudulent methods of operation I have repeatedly exposed on my website. As such, Mr. Stanyard is very keen to discredit me.

Mr. Stanyard alleges that:
  • I have been making attempts to "hack or hijack" his organisation's website.

  • In connect with such attempts, I have made "hundreds of failed password attempts". This, he says, is proved by the logs on his website, which identify my computer (by its "IP address").

  • I have consumed "a massive amount of bandwidth" on his website.

  • That he has "received legal counsel" to "contact the police" (which he has not yet done), as I am breaking the "computer misuse act".
Mr. Stanyard knows that these allegations are false; I have made no efforts at all to "hack" his organisation's website. Furthermore, Mr. Stanyard knows that my computer accesses his website using the same IP address as many thousands of other Internet users - it is not even technically possible for Mr. Stanyard to pick me out from these users.

I enclose a copy of Mr. Stanyard's allegations from his website, plus some other relevant materials.

I gave Mr. Stanyard a deadline by which to withdraw his allegations. The fact that you are now receiving this letter indicates that he chose not to do so.

I ask you to let me know the outcome of your investigations as promptly as possible.

Kind regards,
David Anderson esq.

(The above article was also copied to roger@dttconsulting.fsnet.co.uk, roger@bcseweb.org.uk, stanyardroger@yahoo.com and committee@bcseweb.org.uk. Or in other words, you can be sure that Mr. Stanyard has seen it. And for the record, in posting part of Mr. Stanyard's address, I am not doing or intending him any harm because he has himself published it in full on another website).

Update 20th December (10 p.m.)
Roger Stanyard is known to be aware of this challenge, as he has posted in a thread on the BCSE forums in which it is mentioned. Another poster in those forums says that I am "obviously" carrying out a "smear campaign" against Roger Stanyard. One more example of the reality blindness that exists over in those forums... hello? Who is the one publishing allegations and making threats about criminality and calling the police, please?

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