Saturday, January 20, 2007

See you next week...

There's been plenty to keep me busy this week. But there are still plenty of "BCSE revelations" in the pipe-line and hopefully we'll get some of them out next week...

In the meantime, here is another interesting radio debate from the same source as before. This episode won the broadcaster a gold medal at the New York Festival Awards in 2006.

The debate is entitled "Evolution vs. Intelligent Design" and is hosted by Justin Brierly on Premier Radio, who introduce it as follows:

Christian Peter S. Williams makes the case for an "Intelligent Designer" at work in nature as well as pointing apparent flaws in Darwinian Evolutionary theory. Atheist Pete Hearty defends Evolution.


From that description you'll see that the debate ranges through the fields of science, philosophy and theology.

Peter Williams' own blog post about it is here:

The broadcast itself is here:

David Anderson

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