Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An Endorsement ...

Here's another blogger who "gets it". Emphases mine:

To counter Intelligent Design in [Britain], a copy of the NCSE (American version) was established. [Not] as official and as grandiose as this name may sound, there is only one PhD. in the entire organization, and none of them have experience in Science Education.

The purpose of the Centre is described very well at IanB's blog here. The BCSE is essentially an organization founded to dig up dirt on Christians and Creationists in an attempt to discredit them and keep evolution an unquestioned dogma.

This organization is pretty much as new as it can be, and already they have become full of [blatant] lies and distortions in an attempt to fool the public into believing inane things about anyone who disagrees with evolution. An example would be the BCSE's claim that Answers in Genesis was

"going round the UK telling all in [sic] sundry that UFOs, manned by aliens who believe in the theory of evolution, are busy abducting people."

This one is one of my favorites:
"Much of the movement is deeply anti-intellectual. Moreover, even at the top there is a widespread belief in wackiness such as UFOs and flying saucers, dinosaurs roaming the British countryside in Tudor times and fire breathing dragons."

Wow... Just wow.

After reading the above link I feel dirty from all the political agenda driven propaganda.

There is in the Blogosphere a fellow named David Anderson who has a blog called The British Centre for Science Education: Revealed and up to this point he has been trashing the Centre all over the place. Way to go David for Sticking it to the man!!!


Thanks guys - whoever you are!

David Anderson

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