Saturday, March 03, 2007

See You Next Week...

I have some more original research ready, but I'm still applying the finishing touches. I hope to show it to you next week...

... in the mean-time, a couple of footnotes ...

Richard Dawkins - The Investigation Goes On

I am pleased to say that my Richard Dawkins parable has now passed 5,000 readers. It's 11th if you Google for "Dawkins" - are you sure you don't have web-sites and blogs to link it from so that it can climb that extra place onto the front page? ;-)

However, 5,000 is nothing compared to the radio spin-off. YouTube, one month on, is showing over 32,000 viewers - that's 1,000 every day since it was launched. Anonymous genius, we salute you!

Four and a half months of the human race's time have been spent listening to this audio clip. Frightening! To put that in perspective, it appears that in a month the You Tube clip had about 5 or 6 times as many visitors as the BCSE's entire website! (Roger Stanyard reported that the BCSE had 5,204 visitors in January - see link below. Given that some particularly egregious examples of BCSE bigotry were given a link in January from Uncommon Descent which gets nearly 6,000 daily visits... that's a pretty depressing picture for the BCSE if they're doing the maths).

From The Mailbag

This one just in:


More power to your elbow, Sir!

BCSE I like to think of as "Three Men and a Website".

(Named removed)

Thank you! I appreciate these encouragements and agree with my correspondent's verdict. The core of campaigners since start-up has not grown; if anything, it has shrunk. I don't know how much the exposures from "BCSE Revealed" have played a part in this. I will probably never know. I hope it's been eye-opening to someone. But whatever's been responsible, the failure of the BCSE is becoming increasingly clear.

David Anderson

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