Saturday, July 21, 2007

A plug - raising money for education in Africa

If you've come here looking for documentation on the real identities, (lack of) credentials and fraudulent activities of the "British Centre for Science Education", scroll down. This post is a commercial break!

Later this year I'm hoping to run my first marathon, and raise money to fund teachers and schools in a very under-developed part of Kenya (no electricity or water, terrible roads). A little money in that particular place will go a long way. Investing in children's education is one of the most effective to help people in places like these. Can you help?

I'm digging for water. I'd rather go to school!

I have a website up with more information (including dozens of photos), and can take debit/credit card donations securely, and re-claim gift-aid to boost the value of UK gifts by 28%. Please consider donating what you can, and passing on this link to anyone and everyone you know who has an interest in Kenya, development and/or education. Link me from your blog, pass it on to e-mail lists, mention it on your website, print it out - whatever you can. My goal is to raise £10,000; we have 3 months - let's go for it!

Please educate us! Go here!

David Anderson

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