Saturday, July 14, 2007

A recommendation, and a few odds and ends

Here are some words of encouragement for me from "Intelligent Design and Evolution Behind the Scenes" - a new blog which describes itself like so: "This blog is about Intelligent Design, and deals with the ID-Evolution Controversy seeking to expose and correct misrepresentations that exist in the increasingly politicized discipline of science."


The BCSE is a very interesting lobby group. Unlike the NCSE, the BCSE is rather forward about its intentions, copying off of the American NCSE, or national center of science education (aka national center for selling evolution). The NCSE and BCSE do not really live up to their names. From the title, one would expect something more substantial than simply a group which argues against creationists. Some have even gone as far as to accuse them of false advertising as this self-proclaimed "National Center" for "Science Education" has nothing at all to do with science except writing apologetics articles for the theory of Evolution and seeks political action against people who question the theory... nothing more.

The BCSE is pretty much the same, although they have been much less successful. A renagade weblog called the BCSE REVEALED has done irrevocable damage to this lobby group, and torn through the BCSE like a shredder shreds paper. My favorite part of his site, where the BCSE members are caught in blatent dishonesty.

Most of the real contributors have now left the BCSE, and Dave has pointed out a sharp decline in posting among other things that point to its end. I was going to go over there and stirr up some mischief myself, but then I realized I would probably do best to simply ignore them. There are enough battles to fight, so that's all for them.

I agree with my anonymous encourager's conclusion. From my observations, I'd say that going into the BCSE forum for a debate is probably slightly less productive than throwing opening your local's door at closing time and shouting "Who wants some?"... with the difference that the BCSE's output is apparently all vomited forth whilst perfectly sober.

Moving Swiftly On...

Secondly, here's a website with some good resources: If you're looking for a treasury of articles, books and audio refuting the distortions perpetrated against science by Professor Richard Dawkins in the cause of his atheist religion, and his many schoolboy errors in philosophy and religion, then this is a solid resource.

Finally, I've recently joined the gang blog at The guys over there have forgotten more biology than I ever learned, but I hope I'm adding something to the mix; I've begun with some analysis of the arguments commonly used on the Internet in the "Intelligent Design" debate:

Until Next Time!

This Sunday, all being well, I'll be carrying on preaching the series in the book of Acts, the recordings of which you can find here. Or from an atheist point of view, I'll be carrying on doing whatever the chemical reactions inside my brain require me to do, as all our molecules continue to bounce aimlessly and meaninglessly together down the corridor of time. Have a good new week!

David Anderson

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